5 Foods For a Healthy Life


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  1. The Creeper King
    May 16, 20:33 The Creeper King

    Don’t forget you always need variety.
    Otherwise that healthy life style is probably gonna go Down hill

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  2. Badger Fishinski
    May 16, 20:33 Badger Fishinski

    Luv the recipes. I would only use raw foods tho. No canned ANYTHING. Beans can be bought from the market raw, and then soak/cook them naturally. No canned foods.

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  3. Ashley Hickmott
    May 16, 20:33 Ashley Hickmott

    3:37 Tasty I love everything you make but… Not sure about that one

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  4. LittlePenguinGirl
    May 16, 20:33 LittlePenguinGirl

    these arent healthy dishes they just have healthy food in them made really unhealthy coughs oiiilll coughs

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  5. Skye Hoover
    May 16, 20:33 Skye Hoover

    love these recipies

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  6. sam baby
    May 16, 20:33 sam baby

    Well, the last one look disgusting af

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  7. isabel nielsen
    May 16, 20:33 isabel nielsen

    Salmon is not healty

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  8. caramelcarton
    May 16, 20:33 caramelcarton

    we're here for a good time, not for a long time.

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  9. Mako Haworth
    May 16, 20:33 Mako Haworth

    Who the fuck puts onions with strawberries,apples and blueberries… the last one is🤢🤮😯😵

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  10. Flyhigh
    May 16, 20:33 Flyhigh

    If it’s supposed to be healthy why do they add excessive amounts of oil???

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  11. Naeema S
    May 16, 20:33 Naeema S

    There were just too many WTF moments for my liking

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  12. Aric Goss
    May 16, 20:33 Aric Goss

    salmon is a great source of omega-3 and a great way to get rid of your money.

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  13. Zenchii G.
    May 16, 20:33 Zenchii G.

    Removes half of the beans cooked.
    Me: they will probably bake it with something
    Tasty: blends it into a smoothie.
    "Black Bean Soup"


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  14. GirlThatRules
    May 16, 20:33 GirlThatRules

    Guess I'll die

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  15. Squidley Studios
    May 16, 20:33 Squidley Studios

    The idea of mixing fruits into a salad with savory ingredients just seems so strange to me, but I'm curious to try it.

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  16. Josh Bai
    May 16, 20:33 Josh Bai

    eat ass 4 heathy lif3

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  17. Tunca Öztürk
    May 16, 20:33 Tunca Öztürk

    You need to be a damn rich person to buy most of these everyday in turkey 😑

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  18. Svibida Gal
    May 16, 20:33 Svibida Gal

    Asparagus rocks

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  19. The cozy Sofa
    May 16, 20:33 The cozy Sofa

    But , so exspensive

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  20. Azami B.
    May 16, 20:33 Azami B.

    ewww id rather be fat then eat that

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  21. Galium Odoratum
    May 16, 20:33 Galium Odoratum

    Fishes are full of plastic now a days

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  22. Tommy Dawkins
    May 16, 20:33 Tommy Dawkins

    Not bad the recipe, you should also share it on http://www.bamadia.com because you will love the site! Really top recipe! ^^ 😍😍

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  23. ashlyn uskoski
    May 16, 20:33 ashlyn uskoski

    Eating Reece’s while watching🤙🏻

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  24. Jasmine Barbosa
    May 16, 20:33 Jasmine Barbosa

    Salmon was not cooked

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  25. Renard Prather
    May 16, 20:33 Renard Prather

    white letters on a white background makes reading the ingredients a bit difficult. Other than that,A+

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  26. karin Jannatul
    May 16, 20:33 karin Jannatul

    Can you please show how to make feta cheese at home??

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  27. karin Jannatul
    May 16, 20:33 karin Jannatul

    Can you please show how to make yogurt at home???

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  28. karin Jannatul
    May 16, 20:33 karin Jannatul

    Can you please show how to make olive oil at home??

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  29. vanu saggar
    May 16, 20:33 vanu saggar

    How many calories are each

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  30. Midi
    May 16, 20:33 Midi

    This is not healthy fir my wallet

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  31. Willisbusiness1
    May 16, 20:33 Willisbusiness1

    I am so tired of hearing that guy's voice at the end of almost every Tasty video. Is it really necessary?

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  32. Laimray
    May 16, 20:33 Laimray

    No carbs

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  33. Kyomi
    May 16, 20:33 Kyomi

    I've never had to diet because of my high metabolism and my blood results were always on point, but my bf was born with cholesterol problems and i have no idea how to eat healthy and i don't wanna kill him with all the junk i eat 😷

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  34. Aadhdeep Choudary
    May 16, 20:33 Aadhdeep Choudary

    last one ….i dont know bt onion nd garlic wid strawberry …😐😐it doesnt mean we can mix al hlthy foods together

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  35. Saharin Cuker
    May 16, 20:33 Saharin Cuker

    Appreciate video content! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you tried – Dinanlinson Natural Beauty Approach (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one off guide for learning what to eat to look younger minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my cousin at very last got excellent results with it.

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  36. Caitlin Lujan
    May 16, 20:33 Caitlin Lujan

    Up next: Pancakes vs. Waffles. Yep. Youtube hates my diet.

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