Carpentry as a hobby

Carpentry – homemade furniture

If you have a boiling desire to produce, to get your hands dirty, to get involved into a project, carpentry is the solution. It enables you to make your own furniture, therefore more and more people engage in this wonderful hobby.

You can make a bench, bed or a sofa, using boards or pallets. A low coffee table is a great beginner’s choice. If you equip the coffee table with wheels, you can move it easily. Smaller items such as wall shelves are easier to build and provide additional storage space in the living room, shoe shelves in the hallway and flowers on the balcony.

Coffee tables, chests or shelves are the simplest things to try your carpentry skills. You will, however, need some patience and preparation.

First thing you need to do is research. Find out what materials will you need, from tools, such as hammer, nails, emery paper, to other more serious tools such as planers or saws. You can saw the wood yourself or buy already prepared pieces, cut in wanted dimensions.

Think about colors, spray or polish and brushes you will need. And finally, the wood.


Carpentry is a messy job

It would be for the best if you had a separate space to work

with wood, like garage or a workshop. Carpentry can be a messy hobby. It involves lots of dust, leftovers and paint stains. On the other hand if you involve in a simpler project that does not include cutting or sanding, you can easily do it on your balcony.


Think the whole thing through

Carpentry includes:

  • A place for quality work and storage, such as garage, where you won’t bother your family and neighbors
  • Good preparation and research – every step in the carpentry process matters; mistakes are largely irreversible and have a very high cost
  • Tools and equipment
  • Measuring, cutting and installing. Accurately measuring and cutting enables greater quality of your final product
  • Later on, you can engage in bigger projects such as building sheds, gazebos, pergolas and play houses.
  • You need to have work organization and self-management, innovation and creativity alone won’t do the trick. You need to work precisely and accurately.

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