Four Indian principles for a happy life

Four Indian principles for a happy life

The first principle

“Whoever meets, that’s the real one.” That means nobody goes into our life by accident.

All those who surround us, anyone with whom you are in the relationship, are something – whether we need something to learn or help us to fix the current situation.

Second Principle

“Whatever happened, the only thing that could happen.”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing of what we experienced could be different. Even the smallest detail. ”

“No … that I did at least differently … then the situation would be different too!”

Not. What happened was the only possible thing that could happen, and it had to happen to learn the lesson so we could move forward.

Every situation in the life we find is perfect, even when it defies our understanding and provokes our ego.

Third Principle

“Every moment in which something is starting is a real moment.”

It all starts at the exact moment, neither too soon nor too late.

When we are ready for it, for something new in our life – that’s where ready to start.

The fourth principle

“What’s going on, it’s almost over.”

That’s so easy!

When something in our life ends, it helps our development.

Therefore, enriched by the experience, it is better to release it and move on.

I do not think it is by accident that you are reading this now.

If these words touched you, that is because this (knowledge) was necessary to you and you understand that no single snowflake can fall into the wrong place.

Be kind to yourself and others.

You love my creature with all creation.

Always be joyful because you exist, be, and divine is present in everything around us and in us.

It loves us and protects us.

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Four Indian principles for a happy life

4 Indian principles for a happy life

Four Indian principles for a happy life

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