Olives, 3 Main Reasons why you should eat them

Olives – fighters against cancer, allergies, protect the heart and stimulate weight loss!

Olives – first you learn how to correctly choose them when buying, and also use all the health benefits that contain olive oil.

They are the fruit of which the most popular and the most commonly used edible oil in the world.

And you can only have health benefits from the fruit itself.

They preserve cardiovascular health.

They preserve heart and blood vessels healthy, as follows: When cholesterol oxidizes, blood vessels are damaged, and arteries accumulate fat that can cause heart attacks in time (learn how to keep your heat safe with foods).

Antioxidant nutrients in the olives prevent oxidation of cholesterol and thus prevent the onset of heart disease.

Fat contained in olives is also healthy and monounsaturated, and it has been proven to lower elevated blood pressure (Know your blood pressure and what it means).

Help with weight loss

olivesIf we replace the monounsaturated fats in the olives with room fats, we increase the weight loss – research has shown.

Olive oil has been proven to break down fat within fat cells, stimulate abdominal melting and reduce insulin sensitivity.

Olive consume increases the level of serotonin, hormones that affect the feeling of satiety.

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Prevention of carcinogenic diseases

Natural protector against cancerous diseases due to strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties because chronic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation cause carcinogenic diseases.

Also, olives are a rich source of vitamin E.


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3 reasons why you should eat olives

3 reasons why you should eat olives

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