Tibetan personality test of 3 questions that meet your wish!

Personality test of 3 questions that meet your wish!

Personality Test – This is one of the most interesting personality tests, which is claimed to have been made by Dalai Lama himself.

Whether it is true or not, the test – they say – is very accurate, and many claim that their wishes are fulfilled.

Only three questions and their answers could surprise you.

There are no correct and incorrect answers; it’s just an entertaining questionnaire that will show you who you are and who are your priorities, even though you may not knowingly think so.

You need to imagine a specific wish before solving the test!


Be honest, do not cheat when answering!

Mind as the parachute, it works best when it’s open!

This is a fun, but still devoted to a careful answer!

Answer the questions yourself, without any interference.

There are only three questions, and if you look at them before the end of the test, the results will not be credible.

Do not hang around!

Testing should be without hesitation and complete each answer entirely before you go to the next question.

Do not go back. Take a pencil and paper to record your answers. It’ll take you to the end of the test.

For each question, give one answer.

The first thing that comes to mind is usually your best answer.

Remember – nobody needs to see this except you.

Did you imagine the desire?

Click down and open the text extension


1. Sort following five animals in the order of favorite to least favorite: 

a) Cow

b) Tiger

c) Sheep

d) Horse

e) Pig

2. Write a single word describing the following:

a) Dog

b) Cat

c) Mouse

d) Cow

e. Sea

3. Remember someone who knows you and is important to you, and you can link it to one of the following colors.

Do not repeat your answer twice.

Add each color to just one person:

a) Yellow

b) Orange

c) Red

d) White

e) Green

4. In conclusion, write your favorite number and your favorite day of the week.


Please be assured that your answers are correct and that your wishes are what you really want.

See the interpretation of the answer

1. This will define your priorities in life:

Cow denotes CAREER.

Tiger means PRIDE.

Sheep indicates LOVE.

The horse indicates FAMILY.

Pig stands for CASH.


Your DOG description marks your personality.

Your description of the CAT indicates the personality of your partner.

Your MOUSE description marks the personality of your enemies.

Your description of COFFE signifies your experience of love life.

Your description of the SEA shows the way you live.


Yellow: Someone you’ll never forget.

Orange: Someone you can think of as a real friend.

Red: Someone you really love.

White: Your kind soul.

Green: One person you will remember forever in your life.


Share this intriguing test with the number of people you wrote (your favorite number under 4), and your desire to become a reality on the day of the week that you have also written.

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Tibetan personality test of 3 questions that meet your wish!

Tibetan personality test of 3 questions that meet your wish!

Tibetan personality test of 3 questions that meet your wish!

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