Top 10 Healthiest Foods


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  1. Zulficar hamid
    May 16, 20:32 Zulficar hamid

    Promogrenate figs and barely r true superfoods

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  2. wolk cumulus
    May 16, 20:32 wolk cumulus

    Salmon cough mercury and plastic are so healthy for you

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  3. denis
    May 16, 20:32 denis

    broccoli and avocado are two of my favorite foods 💛💛

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  4. Alternate 99
    May 16, 20:32 Alternate 99

    Thanks for the video…

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  5. Failures Stick Together
    May 16, 20:32 Failures Stick Together

    There was an ice cream ad before this video started…🤤😫😋

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  6. Nahh Fool
    May 16, 20:32 Nahh Fool

    I'm confused. Dr. Sebi said broccoli, almonds and carrots aren't really good. And I just saw a video that said Apple's have an added cancer causing chemical to prevent them from rotting.

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  7. Miney gaming
    May 16, 20:32 Miney gaming

    But avacado tastes like shampoo 🤢

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  8. Y steve
    May 16, 20:32 Y steve

    You've missed Tomato, Spinach, green tea and walnuts.

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  9. bea kittelscherz
    May 16, 20:32 bea kittelscherz

    5:20 What is she eating???

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  10. 16M VIEWS
    May 16, 20:32 16M VIEWS

    Avocado should've been number 1

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  11. Caleb Ebner
    May 16, 20:32 Caleb Ebner

    I'll try to eat all of these but I will never again eat dark chocolate. Worst taste ever

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  12. Steven Sawyer
    May 16, 20:32 Steven Sawyer

    MY wife is on blood thinners, and unfortunately cannot eat to much green stuff because of vitamin K.

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  13. Kiel Mendoza
    May 16, 20:32 Kiel Mendoza

    i gonna eat more health foods is protein, and allegtion, and health stealth, and more

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  14. Girl Stuff
    May 16, 20:32 Girl Stuff

    Weight loss in 7 days with this formula

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  15. Nick
    May 16, 20:32 Nick


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  16. Madison Yan
    May 16, 20:32 Madison Yan

    I literally love everything on this list besides garlic but my mom makes me eat this garlic candy

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  17. Cinnabon Box Chevy
    May 16, 20:32 Cinnabon Box Chevy


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  18. missAreta
    May 16, 20:32 missAreta

    I love the taste of broccoli!

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  19. Lucy Hirst
    May 16, 20:32 Lucy Hirst

    I agree with everything else except Oats. Grains cause inflammatory and make you put on weight that's why there so cheap because their bad for you and you can actually get fibre from vegetable soups so you don't actually need Oats. The government/ food pyramid says their good for you because they wanna make you sicker so the doctors make more money.

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  20. Francisco Delgado
    May 16, 20:32 Francisco Delgado

    Show grapefruit some love.

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  21. saahil singhi
    May 16, 20:32 saahil singhi

    8)sweet potato

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  22. Vincent Petrucci
    May 16, 20:32 Vincent Petrucci

    The vegetables I eat are broccoli,beans,corn,Asian stir fry,cabage,garlic,carrot,peas,and a lot others

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  23. Vincent Petrucci
    May 16, 20:32 Vincent Petrucci

    THE HEALTHEST FOOD IS NOT BROCCOLI! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  24. Vincent Petrucci
    May 16, 20:32 Vincent Petrucci

    NO! NO! NO! Stupid what about green beans

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  25. Vincent Petrucci
    May 16, 20:32 Vincent Petrucci

    Avocado tats like crap

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  26. David Leimkuehler
    May 16, 20:32 David Leimkuehler

    Who is test this info and has the education level to make videos like these????

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  27. Janet Tepolt
    May 16, 20:32 Janet Tepolt

    Mushrooms should be on the list-so good for you. Best if cooked.

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  28. Mushroomfusion
    May 16, 20:32 Mushroomfusion

    I am guilty… I LOVE AVOCADOS!

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  29. HellGod67
    May 16, 20:32 HellGod67

    4:58 it's chia seed porridge not oats, replace oats with chia seeds in this video and it's good.

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    May 16, 20:32 ME MYSELF AND JACK AVERY

    And here I am eating Doritos and dip

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  31. FlyingRedZebra T3f
    May 16, 20:32 FlyingRedZebra T3f

    I'm eating almonds while watching this

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  32. Food Tube
    May 16, 20:32 Food Tube

    anybody can cook,I min foods

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  33. Loneamaruq
    May 16, 20:32 Loneamaruq

    Whatever. The only real super food is bugs. Just half a glass of cockroach milk blows all the food in this video out of the water. You could farm swaths of swarms of them practically anywhere in the world and they'll survive pretty much any apocalypse. I'm not telling you to go out and start eating roaches out of the garbage, but if we bred them for food, they'd be more edible and a lot bigger. In comparison, everything else is just ordinary food. For some reason humans just didn't want to cultivate cockroaches. Trust me, if real life was a video game, you'd see a lot more people eating cockroaches and jumping around everywhere they go.

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  34. lickthebean
    May 16, 20:32 lickthebean

    Great video, awesome information. Thanks a lot. Peace and love

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  35. No Porter
    May 16, 20:32 No Porter

    salmon has a bunch of toxic chemicals including arsenic, Mercury, PCBs, DDTs, dioxin, and lead in their flesh and fat, but thanks for trying to brainwash people to think its good for them.

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  36. Luis the piper
    May 16, 20:32 Luis the piper

    yee forgot the allmighty haggis

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  37. Frenchy8329
    May 16, 20:32 Frenchy8329


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  38. Rainbow
    May 16, 20:32 Rainbow

    I always spread avacado on my bread<33 It's delicious, af:)

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  39. AWlpsSHOW36
    May 16, 20:32 AWlpsSHOW36

    Garlic is our best friend! Yum!
    A lot of these mentioned I really like. I'm healthy!

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