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No Bake Healthy Paleo Cookie Dough

1 year ago

Healthy paleo cookie dough that’s safe to eat raw! This cookie dough is gluten free, dairy free, and made without refined sugars. Ready in just five minutes! I’m not calling

Roasted Veggie Paleo Cauliflower Pitas With Avocado Crema

Favorite paleo/whole30 lunch idea: these pitas made with cauliflower, topped

5 Minute Fruit Tart With Creamy Banana Filling

This no bake fruit tart is filled with creamy banana

Whole30 Greek Turkey Burgers With Mint Avocado Sauce

Best bun-less burger recipe! Easy whole30 greek turkey burgers with

Paleo Gluten Free Blender Banana Muffins

Fluffy paleo banana muffins made in the blender- in 5

Sweet Potato Paleo Breakfast Bowl

  Make ahead paleo diet sweet potato breakfast bowl idea!

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Keto Diet and Recipes for Beginners

1 year ago

The Ketogenic Diet — What is it? Keto Diet – So, you want to lose weight quickly but in a healthy way? As a Registered Nurse that is also pre-diabetic, I

33 Heart healthy foods that you should eat to keep your heart safe

Keep your heart healthy with these 33 amazing foods! The

Vegetables – zucchini and parmesan cheese

Vegetables – zucchini and parmesan cheese. It’s a match made

15 Uses Of Baking Soda That Every Woman Should Know!

Best Uses Of Baking Soda Baking Soda – People knew

Placebo sleep – Trick Your Brain That You Slept More

One of the most fascinating and frustrating aspects of medical

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12 Incredible Healthy Foods That Double Weight Loss In Women – Get Your 6-Pack Today!

1 year ago

Weight loss – Have you been regularly working on your core but still see no results? Where is the 6-pack you’ve been working so hard to achieve? No matter how hard you work on getting that 6-pack, if you don’t eat the right food, it won’t ever show. It will forever be hiding under that layer of fat you feed

Negative health effects of sugar – Is it an addiction?

Growing up, we’re always told that sugar is bad but everybody seems to take it with a pinch of salt. The main reason for this is that there are no

9 Unusual Steps To Fast Weight Loss

If you’re looking to lose weight, you’ve probably done some research and heard all the conventional pieces of advice, right? Weight Loss “Make sure you drink enough water” and “be

Lose Weight by Walking 30 Day Fat Burning Plan

Lose Weight by Walking 30 Day Fat Burning Plan We are talking weight loss by walking today, ladies. Get ready to burn that fat with a great cardio workout for

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Positive affirmations – how to draw everything we want

1 year ago

Positive affirmations that will change your life! Positive affirmations, many of us are used in practice affirmation, but they do not understand the mechanism of their action and do not

Four Indian principles for a happy life

1 year ago

Four Indian principles for a happy life The first principle “Whoever meets, that’s the real one.” That means nobody goes into our life by accident. All those who surround us,


1 year ago

15. FOR BEAUTIFUL HAIR If you have greasy hair, simple cooking salt or, even better, sea salt is what you need. Add 2-3 tbsp to your favorite shampoo, and the roots of your hair will stay clean


1 year ago

Hair Treatment with Egg! Hair Treatment! This DIY deep conditioning treatment works way better than store bought deep conditioners, and it’s super cheap to make! We love this DIY deep conditioning

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Vaginal Birth Recovery – Top 12 Answers You Need To Know about

1 year ago

Vaginal Birth Recovery  Top 12 TIPS THESE VAGINAL BIRTH RECOVERY TIPS WILL TAKE YOU A LONG WAY TOWARDS HEALING AFTER BIRTH Regardless of if you have stitches or not, things

10 Best BEAUTY TIPS Using ALOE Vera

Aloe vera gel is a popular remedy used in herbal

Carpentry as a hobby

Carpentry – homemade furniture If you have a boiling desire

Coca Cola for cleaning house

Green cleaning is taking its toll Besides from being your

Balcony, create a little oasis just for you

How to decorate your balcony? Blessed are the ones living

Clever ways to defend from mosquitoe bites

Be clever, know their dislikes Wind – they don’t like