Cancer treatment is possible in few weeks!

Cancer Treatment

Cancer Treatment – Dr. Coldwell is not the only doctor in the world who says that acidity is the cause of many chronic diseases but also the leading cause of cancer.

The problem is that all the foods of today are incredibly acidic and the significant expansion of cancer and other diseases is due to the massive use of refined sugar (find out the real truth about sugar) and processed foods.

According to a specialist for all types of cancer, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, the leading cause of cancer is acidity in the body.

Each organism can change its acid status in bulk in a few weeks.

Therefore cancer there is no longer food to feed and just disappears.

The lazy condition of the body will ultimately stop the development of cancer – says Coldwell and adds: – Health and illness of the human body depend on the biological physiological and chemical equilibrium, which play the role of an essential regulatory mechanism in all bodily functions.

Cancer Treatment

When these functions are impaired, they are measurable as a change that can give us a “signal” that we have entered the state of the disease, which can be noticed by shifting to acidity.

The success of any therapy is much higher if the body only helps to release acidity, which includes the only change in life habits and the taking of foods that give us the necessary luminosity of the organism.

The balance of acids and alkalis in the body is critical to our health.

There are no organs or individual cells of our body that cannot be damaged or destroyed due to increased acidity.

However, there is self-regulation in our body that seeks to maintain a constant blood acidity concentration at pH 7,4.

However, the way of life and reduced nutrition can increase acidity, and in that case, too much acid accumulates in some places, which is manifested by painful nasal constriction on the connective tissue that consists of gathered only.

Cancer Treatment

These are already signs of chronic damage and the cause of many health problems.

According to research, high blood-fatigue inhibits the formation and further development of existing cancer.

Research shows how a kit cannot develop in a lucid environment, but in acidity, so blood pH should be as high as possible.

Otherwise, the 7,0 pH mark is neutral, and our body is slightly alkaline – 7,4 pH.

The ratio of healthy people to avoid the disease state should be 75% “bulky food” and 25% “acid” during the day.

That is why it is essential to get acquainted with the foods and to help our body shape the acid-base balance by changing the diet.

If you are suffering from cancer, completely discharge acidic foods because the tumor is just consumed with acidity.

If we drop acid from acid, it just becomes impossible to grow and spread.

And a great way to feed yourself with healthy vitamins and minerals is Aloe Vera Gel that will help you with your life.

Cancer Treatment

Once you stop growing cancer and you do not give him food (sour), he will withdraw himself, but you can also kill him with foods such as Curcuma, apricot or cannabis oil.

You are willing to do so, but during this change of diet, it is better not to use chemotherapy because it, besides harmful kills and healthy cells, reduces the resistance of the organism.

What can cause acidification?

Large quantities of meat, dirty air, acid rain, cutting, food processing and preservation, preservatives and artificial colorants in food, refined sugar, body dehydration, alcohol, smoking, lack of movement, stress, drugs, especially analgesics.

So, to fight cancer is best to apply raw nutrition with – if possible – domestic fruit and vegetables.

But acidity of the body can also cause malnutrition, rapid swallowing, chronic kidney problems, diabetes, persistent inflammation and lack of oxygen in the body.

Cancer Treatment

If the acidity of your body is established, there is a great potential for cancer disease, and if your body is sour, it is safe to: rack disappears for several weeks.

If you have a small body, help to neutralize acidity quickly.

The body in the cold reacts with hyperproliferation of the acid, as well as in women during the menstrual cycle.

Sugar is a thief of liver because when it is consumed by calcium, people who take a lot of sweets often have a lack of calcium.

Acid overloads the organism neutralizes minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, and others.

Calcium stored in the teeth and bones is an integral part of it, as it represents the most significant stock minerals.

Tooth problems and the appearance of caries are often “culprits” of excess acid and lack of alkalinity.

Cancer Treatment

The digestive system is a complex mechanism, with a series of chemical reactions that change and in which acids have a significant role.

Acidic organisms are absorbed by food, but individual acids produce liver, pancreas, and stomach.

For proper digestion, for the secretion of harmful and unnecessary substances without fermentation and flatulence, gastric and intestinal contents should have a balanced pH value.

The solution is simple: it is necessary to reduce the use of acidic foods in favor of alkaline, which are highly beneficial for the digestive system, and the welcome assistance will also be the daily use of alkaline water produced by the process ionization (ionic silver).

Cancer Treatment

All fresh fruit All fresh green salads

All the spikes

All vegetables (raw or boiled)

Almond or sunflower seeds (soaked)

See all

Apple cider vinegar

Corn on the piston

Dates of Dry fruits (without sulfur)

Fresh berry fruit

Freshly dried spices

Juices from fresh raw fruit

Juices from fresh raw vegetables



Goat cheese

Green food (seaweed, spirulina, chlorella)

Herbal teas (without caffeine) With Lemon, Bob, Organic maple syrup, watermelon, and melon

Millet Crushed pressed oils: avocado, coconut, wood, grapes, olives, dwarf sticks, saffron, and sunflower


Quinoa raisins

Sour cabbage (without salt)

Sea vegetables (well washed)


Black and white pepper

Circle Cakes

Canned fruits and vegetables

All wheat flakes

See more


Coffee and caffeine

Dairy products

Egg Food prepared on the oil

Cereals (except quinoa and prose)






Oatmeal pasta


Purchasing juices

Processed food + salt (including sea, Celtic, and Hima )




White and processed sugar

Artificial sweeteners

Cheese with caffeine

Oats (other than apple)

All types of cereals Artificial soups.

Cancer Treatment

Dr. Coldwell is not the only physician in the world who says that acidity is the cause of many chronic diseases, but also the leading cause of cancer.

The problem is that all the foods of today are incredibly acidic and the significant expansion of cancer and other diseases is due to the massive use of refined sugar and processed foods.

Until then, cancer rates were much lower.

Most cancer today is caused by acidity, and only a small change in the diet and transition from sour to the bulbous organism is a blow to cancer, but also a cancer win.

Of course, this information is because many industries, from food to pharmaceutical, who lives from cancer and other allegedly incurable diseases are questioned.


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Cancer Treatment