Placebo sleep – Trick Your Brain That You Slept More

1 year ago

One of the most fascinating and frustrating aspects of medical research has always been the “Placebo Effect ” and we can use it to our advantage like “Placebo Sleep.” Placebo sleep or placebo effect – Basically, you can tell someone

Cancer Can Be Cured Recipe of Father Romano Zaga

2 years ago

Recipe of Romano Zaga – RESEARCH AND HEALTH ALOE VERE Recipe of Romano Zaga and Aloe Vere’s healing properties – In the 20th century, when the reputation of aloe vera was already known to the medical profession, research on this

Virus risk on planes is lower than you might think

2 years ago

Virus risk – passengers sitting one row in front, or one row behind, a person with flu had an 80% risk of catching the bug. Virus risk – Flyers who live in fear of catching bugs on every flight, take

Nasa visits ‘Scotland’ on Mars, a part of the planet named after Torridon in Scotland.

2 years ago

Nasa rover Curiosity visits ‘Scotland’ on Mars Nasa’s Mars rover Curiosity is exploring a part of the planet named after Torridon in Scotland. Martian geological areas and features have been named by Nasa after places on Earth. Several of the

What is greenhouse effect?

2 years ago

Greenhouse effect provides life on Earth as we know it Earth is known for its mild and life friendly atmosphere, where other planets surrounding it are either too warm or too cold. Greenhouse effect is to blame for that. Greenhouse

Biodynamics, combination of science and spirituality

2 years ago

Science of agriculture Science or spirituality? Soil tillage, animal and plant cultivation has with time reached an enchanted circle. To ensure high yield, farmers need more chemical products. Due to the chemical products usage, soil becomes contaminated. But, high yield

Solar energy – a source of life

3 years ago

Without Sun there is no life on earth Solar energy – Sun, a center of the Solar System, one of the brightest stars in the Milky way, 109 times bigger than planet Earth, and it’s most important source of energy.