Sun, friend or foe?

Awakening rays of sun

Winter is long gone, sun has come, nature is in bloom and we are enjoying spring at its best.

We can feel energy awakening all around, within ourselves and outside.

Our physical body is in harmony with sun, celestial body that is effecting our sleep, activities, mood and enthusiasm.

With the arrival of the sun we became more open to nature and outdoors.

It lures us from our winter dens and depression and activates us.

We are opening windows, breathing in fresh air and getting out there.

It forces us to think about new ideas and positive changes. It is no news that sun favors human health.

Benefits of the sun through history

6.000 years ago health practitioners figured out the benefits of energy that lies in its rays.

Hippocrates glorified heliotherapy, therapeutic use of sun to treat illness. Pliny described it as crucial in healing every disease.

In ancient Rome sciatica, asthma, jaundice, epilepsy, paralyze, urinary bladder and colon diseases, obesity, all were treated with sun therapy.

In year 1700 sunlight was used to ease scurvy and rickets.

Hundred years later it was healing bacterial infection, including anthrax, cholera and dysentery.

During early 20th century Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, redesigned hospitals to adjust to sunlight therapy.

Influence of the sunlight on human organism

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel prize winner responsible for vitamin C discovery, claimed that all the energy that humans take into their bodies comes from sun.

Through process of photosynthesis plants absorb sunlight, so animals and humans feed on it indirectly.

Dr. John Ott, founder of photobiology, found that organisms exposed to artificial light don’t function right, which is poorly reflected on their health and life span.

He discovered that mice exposed to artificial light live twice shorter than mice exposed to sunlight.

In his experiment in the classroom, he found that children who reside under unhealthy artificial light are significantly more restless and have difficulty with memory and concentration.

Importance of vitamin D

Sunlight is closely related to our biorhythm, it’s balance and our mood.

Human body functions properly only if we live in harmony with the natural rhythm of days and nights turn.

Most medical experts confirm that solar energy is very important and that it’s benefits exceed by far its harmful consequences.

It is true that the Ultraviolet radiation of sunlight can cause skin cancer and a variety of other skin problems.

It is also true that we need sunlight to produce vitamin D in our body.

Through UV rays, morning sun turns cholesterol in the skin in vitamin D, which than travels to other parts of the body where necessary.

Necessary amount of vitamin D entry would not be possible without sun.

We should, in fact, drink 10 glasses of milk enrichened with vitamin D, to enter the minimum amount of this vitamin in the body.

Exposing yourself to the sun is the instant solution to cheer up and feel better.

Through vitamin D, sun does exactly that, it alters our mood and lifts our spirits.

Residents of Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska are painfully aware of this fact.

Cold climate with little sunshine, alters the mood of northeners, who deal with depression in large numbers.

Those northern inhabitants developed a new type of depression, one caused by lack of sunlight.

No fear – sun is here

All these facts benefit the sun, but it’s reputation is not doing so well these days.

We are being bombarded with warnings on sun’s harms and dangers, skin cancer, and all the terrible consequences.

This instant message that exposure to sun without protection is harmful is a bit exaggerated.

Instead people should limit their time in the sun, not to avoid it completely.

Let us not forget that, never in history were people lying on the beaches all day exposed to the strongest solar radiation.

Enjoy the sun. Expose your skin reasonably, and enjoy its benefits.

You will do good for your health and your psychophysical condition.

Exposing to sunlight is indeed one of the most powerful therapies, and it results exceeds modern medicine effects.

The best thing is: it is free!

It is always there and it is so common that we often don’t think about it, we take it for granted and our lives depend on it.

Sun has a huge significance in our lives.

Flora and fauna depend on it, everything we eat, drink and breathe depends on it.

Every morning it shows us the world we live in, opens the horizons, and by its very presence encourages us to live, grow, explore and enjoy.

Sun, friend or foe?

Sun, friend or foe?