Positive affirmations – how to draw everything we want

Positive affirmations that will change your life!

Positive affirmations, many of us are used in practice affirmation, but they do not understand the mechanism of their action and do not feel any real effect.

When it comes to positive affirmations and generally attracting the desired one, there is one problem.

We have learned to think in the past, the present and the future …

What has happened to us in the past is a brake that does not allow us to believe that miracles really can come about, which is why we are creating prophetic beliefs that are always suggestive whenever we want something.

The present is experienced as something inevitably imposed at this time, and we let it pass.

Realization of the desired we see only in the future, which does not exist and we can not catch it the same as we cannot capture its shadow.

The only thing that is certain is the present moment.

affirmations they serve to orient ourselves exclusively to this moment: I am happy here and now, but my unconscious tells me that this is not true; I am rich and successful, but my psyche is resisting; I’m healthy, I have a perfect partner, etc., but my unconscious says it’s not true.

The problem is always engaging the mind and defining things based on firm prophetic beliefs.

In this way it creates a huge gap, the desired becomes more and more inaccessible.

The more we run away, we will make more effort to make it happen.

When we want something, it automatically implies that we do not have that.

We are usually not satisfied with the existing situation and do not make us happy what we have.

When we have health, we are not particularly happy about it, and we behave as if it was something quite normal.

When we lose our health, we try to draw it in all possible ways.

When we have a good relationship with a partner, we are relaxed, and we are not thinking about changing something; the fight begins only when we are left without it.

Why are we often attracted only after a long time, when we no longer think about it?

For example, we are in love with someone, and we encourage them sexual energy, but she is not inclined to us, and while we all want to have it for ourselves, she as a fish slides out of her hand; the more heated we are, the more unattainable.

Finally, we turn to the list and find another partner, and this first as a ghost emerges from the darkness and begins to persecute us, declares love, etc., but we are no longer at the end of the mind.

When we want something energetic, we pull energy from other resources and block all the energy channels.

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Thinking constantly, obsessively about just one thing or person during the 24 hours, we neglect the work, the friends, the health, and the less energy we invest into other segments of life or give them no significance, living them mechanically and unconsciously.

So we go into financial problems so slowly, we can not control cash flows and settle all costs, enter the minus, health begins to weaken, negative energy is occurring at work or conflict with colleagues and superiors.

Then we used to say that everything went downhill.

By dragging energy from other sectors, we have blocked the entire system.

Take, for example, the functioning of the Ministry of Finance of a country – pensioners announced a strike because late retirements, the government takes the money that is intended for salaries to ministry officials and transferred to retirees.

So the “hole” remains in the budget. Tomorrow, ironworkers announced the suspension of work because they did not receive a salary of six months.

The government decides to take from the budget funds intended for the acquisition of primary assets and transfer them from the hearth.

New holes emerge from day to day. Eventually, full collapse and nothing else works correctly.

Let’s get back to our energy system!

We have shifted our energy potential to one side and emptied other sectors, creating a lack of equilibrium, and the surplus always prevails to the detriment of the weak areas.

Only when energy is balanced, we can expect the prosperity and fulfillment of the desired.

That is, when we actively participate in all segments of our lives, we create the passage of a communication network.

Thus, the person from the previous story only appears when the energy returns to normal, because “cleaned” the roads.

We’re just shifting the center of gravity to one side like a rock crashing down the road and blocking the passage.

Excess always leads to an imbalance, and the goal of work is to harmonize energy and establish balance at the level of all segments.

In fact, he wanted to go to us, but he came across the obstacle we have created ourselves.

On the other hand, the mind is the main disadvantage, the defender of the desired.

It makes us automatically fall to lower vibration and form the conviction that we can not attract the desired.

Before we get caught, we’ll drop the ramp and close the access.

What we can imagine, we can have that.

We can work for days positive affirmation type: I’m attracting money, this, that … the universe works for me and so on, and every day less money in the wallet … that’s just a sign that Affirmation does not work for some reason and that there is a gap between desire and energy flows.

One of the reasons may be, for example, communication blockade with the world, withdrawal, isolation, neglected connections with close persons or families, etc.

The more we connect to the richer, the livelier, the more honest, the more open we are to receive all forms of well-being.

When it comes to it a positive affirmation, they should be very concise and clear.

If they are too general and diluted, they can also give an overall effect without focusing on the specific area.

To create and maintain a balance, it would be good to use a set of at least 12 affirmation, one for each sector of life, and we can serve here astrological meaning fields.

1. I personally, physical appearance, health, character, present

Positive Affirmations: I am a man (woman), strong and healthy in heart and mind.

(Note: We create affirmations according to our affinities.)

2. Money, personal values, assets

Positive Affirmations: Money is continually coming from known and unknown sources, my income is constantly increasing. The energy of money circulates smoothly, I am giving money, and he returns me several times.

3. Brothers, sisters, news, shorter journeys, all communications

Positive Affirmations: I communicate openly and honestly, with love and understanding.

4. Father, home, family

Positive Affirmations: I enjoy the support of my family, in my home, there is love and harmony.

5. Children, sexual satisfaction, love, time, creativity, productivity, creativity

Positive Affirmations: I am full of love I give selflessly and who is returning to me, working and creating love.

6. Disease/health, habits

Positive Affirmations: I’m completely healthy, my body and mind work in perfect harmony.

7. Marriage, husband or wife, partnerships, contracts and partnerships, public enemies, litigation

Positive Affirmations: I love and love, I have a partner that suits me perfectly.

Note: Partner is our mirror, which means that we are ideally suited to a partner who is not disproportionate to our inner being. The better we are and the perfect being, the relationship with our partner will be better.

8. Death, wills, inheritance, pain, fear, this is also a field that represents mysteries and occult knowledge

Positive Affirmations: Death is not the end of the beginning of something new, in every darkness I find a trace of light and in all things I find purpose and meaning.

9. Long trips, science, religion, art, vision, and connectivity with higher consciousness

Positive Affirmations: I am connected to divine love, I open my heart to the spread of consciousness, new knowledge, and distant travel.

Note: Travel does not only mean a journey in the physical sense, it can be a trip to yourself, which is also the longest journey.

10. Mother, status, reputation and honor, career, goals, authority, employment

Positive Affirmations: I realize my goals with ease, I love my job and are successful in everything I do.

11. Friends, hopes, and desires

Positive Affirmations: My friends are selfless and noble, we understand and support each other.

12. Sadness, fear, punishment, secret enemies, insinuations, losses, invisible obstacles, blurred vision

Positive Affirmations: I can recognize and overcome all obstacles because at every moment I have God’s protection and the guidance of His invisible hands.

Through these affirmations we express our awareness of all the existing segments, close the circle, without neglecting/ignoring negative aspects of life such as death, hostility, etc.

With the urge to face only the nice things that make us feel comfortable, we risk becoming a butterfly with undeveloped wings, unable to face life as it is.

If we go only in the direction of the idealization of the world, we will live in clouds, isolated from the real world, and as a result, we will have more and more difficulties in dealing with everyday problems.

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Positive affirmations - how to draw everything we want

Positive affirmations – how to draw everything we want

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Positive affirmations - how to draw everything we want